Want INSANE AIM? Try These 10 PRO Crosshairs! - Valorant

Want INSANE AIM? Try These 10 PRO Crosshairs! – Valorant

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Today we cover 10 pro crosshairs that you have to try out! Each of them are special in their own way and have different strengths, but nothing beats the pro settings buff. Use these if you want to improve your aim fast!

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0:00 Intro
0:46 TenZ
1:37 ScreaM
2:48 Yay
3:42 QOTD
4:01 Cned
4:39 Asuna
5:20 Subroza
6:09 Al0rante
6:54 Derke
7:35 Shahzam
8:20 Hiko
9:29 Conclusion
9:52 Outro

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