Bob Ross - Island in the Wilderness (Season 29 Episode 1)

Bob Ross – Island in the Wilderness (Season 29 Episode 1)

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Bob Ross fans! It’s ‘time’ for some happy trees, and we’ve got just what you need:
Take a walk with Bob Ross down a little lakeside path in a secluded place; you’ll delight in the discovery of a small uninhabited island.

Season 29 of The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross features the following wonderful painting instructions: island in the Wilderness, Autumn Oval, Seasonal Progression, Light at the Summit, Countryside Barn, Mountain Lake Falls, Cypress Creek, Trapper’s Cabin, Storm on the Horizon, Pot O’ Posies, A Perfect Winter Day, Aurora’s Dance, and Woodman’s Retreat.

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Season 29 Playlist:

Originally aired on 8/24/1993

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