Japanese Strat from 99 with RARE Specs | Luthier Teardown & Prize Draw

Japanese Strat from 99 with RARE Specs | Luthier Teardown & Prize Draw


Welcome to Crimson Guitars HQ https://www.youtube.com/user/CrimsonCustomGuitars?sub_confirmation=1 and another Luthier Teardown with Josh. This is a rare Fender Japanese Stratocaster, Olympic White, 1999 M.I.J STB-67

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0:00 Introducing the ’99 JTB 67 Strat
0:49 One of the last of it’s kind made in Japan
1:16 This is an Olympic White finish over an Ash body (maybe)
1:30 Taking a close look & some minor repairs
2:55 A fascinating carve & Wayne’s World…
4:35 Strings off and Josh is not happy with the truss rod access
6:00 Removing the neck & proof that the body is ash
7:30 Removing the tuners and fixing a ‘dink’
11:22 Moving on the fretwork & Checking if the neck is straight
12:55 Masking the maple fretboard & using the levelling beam
15:55 Buffing – make sure to protect your eyes!
16:23 Workshop trick – clean the buffing compound off your bench with a scraper…
16:28 Final polish and removing the masking tape
17:02 Fretboard Cleaner
18:49 Taking a look inside or “get its guts out”
20:19 Checking the pickups & the electronics
22:10 Shielding paint
23:43 Reassembling this strat
24:32 Josh’s top tips on Shims
26:44 Attaching the neck & installing the tuners
27:50 New strings
29:30 Demo and Conclusion

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Ben’s livestream camera set up includes: the Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro, Prime Cameras (Front facing and over bench) Canon EOS 250D, suspended from the ceiling (bench side) Canon EOS 90D and on the movable tripod a Canon M6 Mark II

Music used in this video from Epidemic Sound – https://www.epidemicsound.com/referral/31qosr/

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